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Direct From FARM

The platform facilitates the purchase of authentic and traceable Geographical Indication (GI) tag agricultural food products. These products are sourced directly from their place of origin and the farmers.

The promotion of Geographical Indication (GI) tag products will bring economic prosperity to small farmers and help achieve Nutritional security, balance ecology, and improve the soil condition.

Our Products

We extend our product offerings to over large and small clients across India, in addition to supplying to Indian exporters. Our commitmentto transparency is evident in our supply chain, ensuring openness from order placement to invoicing. Upholding a steadfast dedication to quality and customer satisfaction remains our toppriority.

Kalanamak Rice

Geographical Indication No: 205

Mithilanchal Makhana

Geographical Indication No: 696

Why Choose Amalfarm for Bulk Supplies?


We source our products directly from the regions they originate from, ensuring that you get an authentic taste of the place with every bite.

Aroma of

Beyond mere sustenance, our products bring back the lost aroma that defines the true essence of traditional cuisine. We believe that food is not just about nutrients; it’s about sharing, honesty, and identity.

Reviving Cultural

Join us in reviving the era when food was as pure as the soul. By supporting Amalfarm, you contribute to uplifting farmers and producers dedicated to preserving our rich cultural heritage through the art of food.

Connecting Local Food
With the Global Market

Our concept of Connecting local food with the global market is creating a bridge between local farmers, producers, or food artisans and consumers worldwide. This trend aligns with changing consumer preferences for diverse, high-quality, and responsibly sourced food products.

Our Process


Amalfarm is the connection between the place of origin and the product which has unique properties and less known to people.

Processing Center

Our Products are minimally processed without any adulteration and preservatives.


We are the bridge between our farmers and consumers so that benefits are shared at both ends.

Amalfarm GI Tag Products