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Scan Your Food

Scan your food

We are working with small farmers and micro entrepreneurs cum small processors to promote locally grown specific crop variety which has been cultivated for ages i.e. more than 200 years and that have been losing their sight. However, those crops were very rich in nutritional value and considered to be healer and solve multiple health related issues.

We are working with such farmers to take their product at centre stage which is coming from a specific geographical location possessing certain unique qualities and characteristics due to such origin.

The effort to bring the food to your plate can cater to the needs of the indigenous and local farmer communities. It is based on collective traditions brought out by generations from the geographical area to which they belong. This will also play an important role in protecting the heritage and culture of the region.

To trace your product , You may Scan the QR code pasted on your product to know it’s origin and it’s unique story.

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