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Why Choose Our Products

Why Choose Our Products

What Makes Our Products Unique In this highly competitive Market

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Did you ever ponder, wish I could have a food product that actually represents a place of origin and truthfully sourced exactly from that place. Like Erode ka Turmeric, Bhagalpur ka Katarni Poha (Chura) , Mithila ka Makhana , Bengal ka Gobindobhog Rice , Kokan ka Cashew, Uttar Pradesh ka Kalanamak Rice so on and so forth.

While we ask for safe food, we also look for that typical aroma which has somewhere gone missing from our food plate. After all, in our own tradition, food is something heavenly. It’s just not about only nutrients and calories. It’s about sharing, honesty and identity.

Unfortunately, it’s a sad reality that we are slowly losing the connect with our local food which was once upon a time considered to be healer and had lots of medicinal values attached.

Let’s revive our old and gold days where food was considered as pure as our soul and work to uplift those farmers and producers who are striving hard to preserve the cultural heritage on the name of food.

Let's Connect To Our Roots

At Amalfarm, We believe in characterizing the food that belongs to a definite place and is not only safe but also healthy for your body and helps maintain crop diversity for nature balance.

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QR Code Based Traceability

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Directly Sourced From Farm

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No Preservatives

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Fair Trade for Farmer

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India Origin

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Minimal Processing

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Cruelty Free Product

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Invaluable Treasures of India

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Origin of our Products

Farm to Kitchen

Each product has an unique QR code which can be scanned to know origin of the product , their unique story and practices used in cultivation.


Fair Trade

Prosperity to farmers

We are proudly 100% Vocal for Local and work at the grassroots with the farmers to source the produce. Our single layer supply chain ensures that maximum profits are retained by the farmers and producer groups. 

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Boost Immunity

More authentic,
regional, nutritious, and flavourful

Amal Farm food brings to you everything you need. During this COVID pandemic, it is important to look for the food that helps build a stronger immunity.  Our locally sourced food could not only retain the freshness but also the nutritional value.

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Natural Food

unprocessed and healthy

At amal farm, we believe that food should be grown naturally and possess special characteristics of the place. All our products are natural, unprocessed, contamination free and preservatives free.


Ancient Methods

methods of preparation

We believe in traditional practices and how the food is being cultivated. We hand pick traditional and local crops to ensure there is no loss in nutritional value.

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local and authentic food

At amal farm, we source and process in small sizes and this helps to retain the local flavors as well as bring sustainability in the entire food value chain.

Would you like to go back again to the roots and connect the dots of a particular food that rekindle your taste buds. Then you know you are headed in the right direction. Our authentically sourced products will bring out the sweetness and local touch in your food.